A Good Teacher: A Quote to Ponder

A teacher cannot give what he does not have.

“You cannot give what you do not have.” 

Good Teacher

This quote has different meanings. In its simplest definition, it is about wanting to give, to share, but not having the capacity to do it. Nobody can give something that he lacks.

When relating it to teaching, it is about wanting to share knowledge and experiences with pupils to aid them in their journey called education. A teacher can instill new learnings to his students, influences them in attaining not just academic growth, but a positive classroom and school experiences.

If the teacher doesn’t have the skill to impart learning, then he will surely have a hard time succeeding in his chosen field. It is not easy to teach. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline, effort, and not to mention that innate ability to understand the subject matter and deal with different learners.

A good teacher has to constantly learn, not just to benefit himself, but for learners too.

Being a teacher is about knowing how to teach, as well as what to teach. Teaching is all about giving and fulfilling the assigned tasks, enjoying what you are doing, and striving hard to teach each child to be better individuals.

What happens if he who is supposed to handle these responsibilities effectively and efficiently fail? What if he doesn’t have the capacity or the needed skill and dedication to bring out the best in pupils? Then what can we expect to the result of the teaching process?

Teaching is a form of art. Good teaching in itself is a competency. Although learners have always been the center of teaching, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that a teacher always has so much influence on what students learn and how they acquire such knowledge. The influence of a teacher is not confined in the four corners of the classroom alone, but a bigger and more competitive world.

A good teacher who wants to teach must know what he is teaching. For him to successfully impart learning, he must have the ability to deal and teach students by sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons in life.

Of course, a teacher should not just be competent in his job. It is equally important to have good listening skills and having a caring and enthusiastic personality.

A teacher is like a second parent whom students can share their troubles, especially when it affects their studies. He is the kind who can take time out of his busy schedule to listen to his students.

A good teacher values everyone’s opinions and creates a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. He gives a supportive learning environment and makes everyone feel that they can do things when they work together. A teacher makes his students realize their value and sets high expectations for all of them so that they will keep doing their best.

He guides his students, lets them explore, and have fun in learning. A good teacher encourages and inspires learners to be better individuals. He believes that their dreams can come true as long as they keep going and believing in themselves, despite the challenges that come their way.

Teaching may be easy for some, while others may have quite a hard time, but if someone has a real love for learning, then that passion to educate and inspire will come out naturally. He continuously strives to make himself better in the eyes of his colleagues, more so in the eyes of his students. He does not fear change nor fear new learning, instead, he seems to always enthusiastically want to share what he learned.

Teaching is a very challenging task. Despite everything, a teacher who has a heart for teaching never stops. He always gives what he has. He continues to share knowledge and give inspiration to his students. It is a teacher’s legacy, influence in a lifetime.

A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

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