Purpose of Life: Are You Living it or Just Dwelling in it?

Purpose of Life

Life is a word too complex to be known nor to be understood. People from all walks of life have a lot of definitions of it. A few think of it to have no meaning at all. To others, it is merely a connection of interpretation or reason for the justification of our existence. Many people strongly believe it is a gift from God; still, some think of it as both a question and an answer. Why is this gift given to us? What is the purpose of life?

For a very long time and until now, we are still uncertain of what life means. Life, in its very sense, is quite incomprehensible same as its purpose. We define life differently because we have unique perspectives. We look at life from different perspectives.

For me, life is living, not just merely existing. I believe that it is through experiences that I learn and live. We do not just eat to live, nor do we live only to eat. Our purpose in this life depends on how we live and how we accept things.

Life is more than just survival. Living our lives requires recognition and appreciation of moments, be it big or small. It is living life with a reason to let ourselves feel and explore. Furthermore, we continue to live even when we make mistakes and learn important lessons from our daily encounters while still having our purpose in mind.

LIFE can be cruel, confusing, and tiring in this ever-changing world. Despite this, we should not prevent ourselves from learning more about life. However, we should not shy away from seeing life unfold before our eyes. Living without knowing the meaning of life is just dwelling in a place without having a specific purpose.  

Is giving up the only solution whenever we are in trouble and don’t know what to do? Will it solve the problem? If we do this, then we’re just living in it and not living at all. Why? Because the real purpose of life is knowing that no matter how complicated the situation is, we still keep going. No matter how many times we stumble and fall, we always stand again. Our purpose in life is way bigger than our problems; more so, God is way greater than our problems combined.

Life is full of challenges. Life is always a risk. However, if we continue to believe and live, given all the complexities, we will soon understand that all our problems are no match to the feeling of joy and satisfaction life taught us. Therefore, it has attained the intention of LIFE, which is LIVING IT.

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  1. Life is about creating it and living life to the fullest. Thanks for the very true and informative reminder. I just wrote a post about gratitude which ties in with this post. Ngozi. https://elevatedmum.com

  2. Well presented blog! Indeed, life is full of challenges and we should have adequate courage to take risks to lead a successful life. Keep sharing.

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