Time Is Worth More Than Gold

“Time is gold.” It is probably one of the best-known quotes we’ve heard since we were very little. It is pretty simple, consisting of only three words, but it has such an essence in its meaning. Although the notion that time is comparable with gold is quite popular, in reality, is it not better to say that time is worth more than gold? Or should we agree that gold is as valuable as time?

Time is a gift from God, so value and use it wisely. Everyone gets twenty-four hours a day. When was the last time we stopped to check how we use our time?

Twenty-four hours each day may mean a lot of time for some people, but they’re never enough for others. Time flies quickly for the busy ones that they wish to do more if they have enough time. While time feels like an eternity for some, it seems the longer they watch the clock, the slower time passes by. As per William Penn, “Time is what we want the most, but it is what we use worst.”

Why Is Time Worth More Than Gold? 

There is no denying that gold is indeed expensive and rare. It’s a valuable asset, but it’s never at par with time. Although gold is a treasure that men desire to have, still time goes way beyond that.

Time, in its truest sense, just as how Harvey Mackay puts it, “Time is free, but it is priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

Gold changes its value as time goes by. It’s worth a lot sometimes; at other times, its price goes down. With time, a day remains to have twenty-four hours from the moment we learn about it and up until now in the modern age.

Time enables us to do a lot of things. Having the gift of time, we have acquired knowledge and memories in our lives. In the same way, with time, we can do the things we want to do. We get to live, go out, and experience life to the fullest.

On the other hand, having gold makes us rich and famous, but it’s just superficial. Without time in our hands, it is impossible to obtain true happiness. Many of us go about living without knowing the true value of time. Most of the time, if we ever realize that, it is already too late.

We can make more money all we want, but we cannot make more time. We must remember that the time that is lost can never be regained. It is sad but true; our society often overlooks the value of time.

We should realize that time is so precious that we should make each second count in everything we do. We are all given twenty-four hours a day to make our lives productive and satisfying. Therefore, we should avoid engaging in pointless activities instead of focusing on using our time to do valuable things.

Because our time is limited, making the most of it does not necessarily imply that we should try to accomplish too much at once. Having time to be happy and do things at our own pace is still important.

Even if we cannot do much in this lifetime, as long as we are happy doing what we love and spending it with the right people, then we did not waste time at all. Furthermore, in the end, we won’t regret anything because we have known the value of life too.

As we walk through life, we realize that time is important. Before, when we were little, we do not mind that much, but as we grow older and experience life, it’s as if we’ve seen a glimpse of our lives passing through before our eyes. Our time in this world is finite, so we should make the most of it.

Time is worth more than gold because it matters as much as one ‘s life. Life and time go hand in hand. Indeed, these two are invaluable assets that we must treasure. However, in this life, we should spend time wisely and prioritize what is truly important.

Time is life itself that is more than any kind of wealth in this world. To end this post, I’ll leave you with this quote:

“Life and time are the world’s best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life.”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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