What Makes a Father?

He never seeks recognition for everything he does,

Nor is he the kind to boast for his triumphant acts.

Although his fears and worries are rarely spoken,

And sometimes, even his utmost desires are very few,

He just keeps on working with future dreams in mind.

With all the troubles and uncertainties that life throws at him,

Sometimes his thoughts may suddenly drift and become clouded,

Still, he would stand firm against all odds, belief never wavers.

Giving his all, with faith and high hopes for those he loves the most,

He is there no matter what, a foundation, a rock and a stronghold.

They say that not all heroes wear capes, it is very true.

Indeed, a hero may come in the form of a simple man,

But he is endowed with such strong arms and sturdy hands.

He is a brave person who holds your hand and got your back.

He has no cape and all, but with a defender’s true form.

Created uniquely by God as a true hero, standing proud and tall.

An ordinary person turned by love into a hero you can rely on.

He is always ready in times of need and even in times of sorrow.

Truly, a dependable man whose watchful eyes keeps you safe from harm.

He is there, a dear father, always protective, but with genuine care.

He is a gift, one of our greatest blessings from above.

A man who is very true to his vow and did so much more.

He is the best father, a best friend with the richest smile.

An ever loving dad whose hugs truly warms the heart.

He may look tough outside, but he carries a gentle heart.

Time and again, he has proven his true worth,

His heart of gold known to all is what sets him apart.

A simple person, but a man who is the best of all men,

From life’s countless lessons to his genuine love,

He is a hero, a one of a kind father, a dad like no other.

Happy Father’s Day!

This is a special tribute to all fathers, especially to the father of my kids whose loving ways make our family whole and happy all the time.

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  1. Wow! Great words about fatherโ€™s mindset. When I was reading this article suddenly I came across my father characteristics.

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